A video of China’s Maj. Gen. Jin Yinan revealing Chinese officials spying for other countries was leaked to YouTube, after the Chinese regime blocked the video on Tudou. The Chinese officials were not James Bond-style spies, but instead were acting as insiders selling information to foreign countries, including to Taiwan, the U.K., and South Korea.

Of course, revealing information on spies isn’t taboo in China. The issue Chinese censors had with the video was Yinan’s statement that officials of the Chinese communist regime have “no confidence” in the future. This highlighted some key concerns within the regime—namely the large number of Chinese officials fleeing the country or silently withdrawing their membership from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). AFP reported in Sept. 2009 that more than 4,000 Chinese officials had escaped the country, and took close to $50 billion with them.

Others who have defected revealed the CCP’s more insidious activities, like Hao Fengjun, a former officer of the CCP’s Gestapo-like 610 Office that was formed to find and persecute people who practice Falun Gong, a Chinese meditation practice based in being honest, kind, and tolerant. After defecting to Australia, Fengiun brought with him a trove of confidential CCP documents detailing how the 610 Office has carried out the persecution.

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Image courtesy of Kevin Dooley from Chander, AZ, USA.


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