Hacker group LulzSec, who recently hacked PBS and Sony, has taken on new targets: the FBI and NATO.

They wrote in a pastebin document, “It has come to our unfortunate attention that NATO and our good friend Barrack Osama-Llama 24th-century Obama have recently upped the stakes with regard to hacking. They now treat hacking as an act of war. So, we just hacked an FBI affiliated website (Infragard, specifically the Atlanta chapter) and leaked its user base. We also took complete control over the site and defaced it …”

By 12:42 a.m. EST, the website they hit was under construction.

They continue by describing the close to 180 logins they found on the site, pointing out that “all of them are affiliated with the FBI in some way,” and that many users reused the same passwords in multiple places.

They even single one user out by name, owner of Unveillance, a digital security company, adding “We stole all of his personal emails and his company emails. We also briefly took over, among other things, their servers and their botnet control panel.”

They state that after doing this, they contacted the company owner directly and told him what they did. LulzSec claims the user “was willing to give us money and inside info in order to destroy his opponents in the whitehat world. We even discussed plans for him to give us insider botnet information.” They add, “Naturally we were just stringing him along to further expose the corruption of whitehats.”

The group states they publicly released data from Unveillance revealing secret FBI operations, stating, “We accept your threats, NATO. Game on, losers.”

As their name suggests, LulzSec is hacker group doing what they do for the lulz, (for the laughs). They apparently do not hold themselves to the same values of Anonymous Operations, since they were willing to hit PBS (Anonymous Operations does not attack media) and they are apparently rather skilled, given their three high profile breaches within the last couple weeks.


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