A file containing 10,365 e-mails from Iran’s Passport and Visa Office were released by digital activist group Anonymous Operations on June 2.

The 63mb file began appearing online on May 30, but was encrypted. The password to open the file was expected to be released June 1, yet was delayed amid claims by Anonymous the Iranian regime was trying to cover up the breach.

Contents of the files consist almost entirely of visa applications and e-mails on their status. According to a source, however, the visa applications were related to an oil deal, and many of them originate from China.

The files were released through one of Anonymous Operation’s current missions, #opiran, which has targeted the Iranian regime with cyberattacks since 2009, after the Iranian presidential elections.

A press release announcing the operation, written to ” the Noble People of Iran,” addressed the turmoil in the region against the ruling regime:

We know how great you are. You have been killed, jailed, tortured and silenced by the illegal regime which has hijacked your country for the past decades, and yet you still rose up last year against a force that you knew meant you harm. They may kill one person every eight hours, but they can’t kill your fighting spirit. They can’t kill your freedom. Know that we support you. Know that you are not alone.

Although hopes were high among the group, the latest file is unlikely to have the impact of some other leaks. Notably, documents released by WikiLeaks exposing corruption in Tunisia began the revolutions that eventually overthrew the ruling regime and launched the beginning of the Arab Spring movements.
A document posted by Anonymous Operations containing links to the document (pasted in full at the bottom of this post), states “We were able to achive some interesting information from the Islamic Regime, We need your help in keeping the data alive and available online !”
Details remained thin on what the encrypted file contained, although one Anon stated on the group’s IRC channel, “someone cracked something pretty big. That’s all I will say about the file. Could be wikileaks quality.” They added, “it was a good breech tho – and it is being covered up …”
Below is the full post of download links for the top secret Iran files, posted by Anonymous Operations. The password to open the files is “opiranopiran.”

Dear users of #OpIran,

We were able to achive some interesting information from the Islamic Regime,

We need your help in keeping the data alive and available online !

Please download : http://www.mediafire.com/?7x9n6ehnmye180n

MD5 CheckSum (of the file): 0261cf6c0fad6d64c8c9ebde6c34ef70

and then re-upload this password protected RAR to as many file hosting services as you can.

The password will be released as soon as we can guarantee %100 uptime of the file.

Please also remember to save the links of your own upload! (in case that someting goes wrong)

Please list any new links under here:

* http://www.mediafire.com/?7x9n6ehnmye180n

* https://andrewxnetwork.tk/opiran/ma.rar

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* http://www.megaupload.com/?d=5SG3VIGB

* http://www.2shared.com/file/hbjoAAqM/maonline.html

* http://www.filefactory.com/file/cb725b1/n/ma.rar

* http://www.filedropper.com/ma4

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* http://www.filehosting.org/file/details/232122/ma.rar

* http://www.yourfilelink.com/get.php?fid=692648

* A Big thanks to ‘Shinigami’ who made these links !







~~~ From the Leader of Failed 2 Connect ~~~

* http://uploading.com/files/818c5747/ma.rar/ ~[By: TSI aka Tenshi]

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* Torrent File Links:

* http://hotfile.com/dl/118926261/d65f04d/ma2.torrent.html

* http://depositfiles.com/en/files/i674hsr5v

* http://uploading.com/files/cbde36cb/ma2.torrent/ – NOT WORKING

* http://www.mediafire.com/?r8q4sqm3eaihlz5

* 🙂 enjoy and please help me seed this. btw, I uploaded to demonoid, piratebay, and i think some other ones.

* A Big Thanks to ‘BackToLife’ for providing these torrents! Help Him seed! 🙂


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