Previously announced in 2008, developer Ubisoft has finally revealed Far Cry 3 in E3 2011. In their reveal, they featured an in depth look at the awe-inspiring gameplay. The demo showcases the absolutely gorgeous and detailed jungle environment players will call their playground. Demonstrated in the gameplay is an array of strategic melee moves that players can use to their advantage. In one instance, the player stealthily approached an enemy and stabbed him and immediately threw his knife into the depths of another man’s body.  Also noted is the cover system that allows players to blind fire from behind cover.

The game looks very promising and will be on my list of games to buy. Take a look at the gameplay in the video below. Far Cry is set to be released next year of 2012.

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Corey Philipp has a love for indie games and enjoys sharing this through reviews of great, yet often little-known titles. He has a talent for watching the latest gaming trailers, reading between the lines, and telling you all there is to know about a game before the information is public.

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