After years of waiting, the next installment of the Elder Scrolls series has made quite a presence amongst the gaming industry. The highly anticipated Skyrim has made it’s debut at E3 2011 with answered questions and official gameplay showing off how monumental the game will be.

To ensure their most visually impressive game to date, developers Bethesda have made a entirely new engine, the “Creation Engine”, to power Skyrim. With a world that is so detailed and expansive, Skyrim needed an engine that is sophisticated enough to handle the demanding graphics. As far as you can see, Skyrim is strategically decorated with high mountain passes, lush foliage, and great bodies of water that all accurately interact with the elements. Dealing with a game with such an elaborate environment  requires an engine that can handle the dynamic lighting and graphics. The Creation Engine does so while exceeding all expectations of the gaming community

The game features a multitude of environments with seven major regions that can be explored. Players have access to the entire map and can travel to the far reaches of the world of Skyrim. Just like the others in the series, Skyrim features an expansive world that players are free to roam throughout their adventure. From the snowy passes to the vast forests, players will be subject to the various creatures and enemies that inhabit all the environments. I can’t wait to see how the regions differentiate from one another in terms of the surroundings as well as the creatures.

Players of Skyrim will be very busy with over 300 hours of gameplay. Players will still be able to take part in activities such as joining guilds and barter with the numerous merchants, but Skyrim has added much more to these and other features. For example, food vendors will be dependent on what they have harvested. If their crops do not grow or are destroyed by a fire, the particular resources will not be available for sale. The world of Skyrim and the cities and town throughout it are constantly changing from player actions and progress through the game.

The battles in Skyrim are extremely epic and creative. In a particular confrontation from the demo at E3, the player faces a dragon that adapts to the battle and the environment, ensuring that the same battle will be different with multiple play-throughs. There are many species of dragon, some of which are rumored to be “friendly” and are not set to destroy and pillage.

Skyrim is set for release on November 11, 2011 on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC gaming platforms.

Without further adieu, here is the gameplay footage from E3 2011 with a couple others.

E3 2011 Gameplay:

Game Trailer:

IGN Interview:


Images courtesy of Bethesda. Check out Skyrim’s official site here.

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