DICE Software’s Battlefield series is back with the highly anticipated Battlefield 3. The game has dominated E3 2011 with the gameplay demonstration that was showcased. Battlefield 3 moves a step above it’s predecessors and the developers have made great strides to make it one of the highest anticipated games of the year.

Powered by the newly developed Frostbite Engine, Battlefield is equipped with one of the most sophisticated game engines on the market. The engine enhances various aspects of the game with a focus on the following:

  • Animation: The game portrays fluid and real-to-life character movement and animation. Characters will interact with the battlefield and the environment as they would in an actual warfare setting.
  • Destruction: The Battlefield series has been known for their destructible environments. Battlefield 3 will allow players to lay waste to entire cities, leveling the buildings in which inhabit it them. While wreaking catastrophic destruction to their surroundings, players can watch as structures crumble and collapse into a pile of rubble and dust. I have not seen destruction of this volume in any other gaming title.
  • Scale: The maps are absolutely expansive and highly detailed. Players can approach the battlefield in any way they prefer, enticing players of various tactical mindsets.
  • Rendering: The graphics of Battlefield 3 are top notch and easily excel in aspects such a lighting, image quality, and effects.
  • Audio: The audio immerses players into the battlefield by capturing the sound of gunfire and explosions throughout the massive maps.

DICE has made a point to bring realism to gaming, capturing it well with Battlefield 3.The game will give players an experience that is like no other in the genre. With all new gameplay mechanics, character animations, and abilities, players are given new ways to interact with the battlegrounds. New features such as the ability to pull a fallen soldier out of the line of fire will serve as a great advantage when reviving him.

It will be a treat to pick this game up when the beta is released in September for those who have purchased Medal of Honor with the code. Others will have to wait until the full retail release in October.

Check out the E3 2011 gameplay and two others below

E3 2011 Gameplay:

Frostbite Engine:

Fault Line Gameplay:

Multiplayer Analysis:

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