Valve president and founder Gabe Newell could be onto something: make jerks pay more to play games, and give nice guys a discount.

If this is put into action this could be the best move the game industry has made in years. Newell gave the suggestion during an interview with Develop, noting it is actually something Valve is considering. As the creators of top games including Portal 2, Team Fortress 2, and Half-Life 2, this could bring about a significant shift in online gaming.

“The industry has this broken model, which is one price for everyone. That’s actually a bug, and it’s something that we want to solve through our philosophy of how we create entertainment products,” Newell said.

What they have in mind is what Nowell calls an “optimal pricing service” that will change based on each gamer. One example would be “charging customers based on how much fun they are to play with. Some people, when they join a server, a ton of people will run with them. Other people, when they join a server, will cause others to leave.”

He suggests giving users a price break if they’re fun to play games with. As for annoying jerks, “they can still play, but a game is full price and they have to pay an extra hundred dollars if they want voice.”

Sheer genius.

Most importantly, something like this could encourage some gaming etiquette, like how in America’s Army player killers find themselves in a virtual jail cell.

Yet most importantly, seeing a troll get labeled as the community jerk would be priceless. Sorry angry German kid.

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