The Paradox, an iPod Nano stainless steel watch could hit the markets if it reaches its $15,000 goal on Kickstarter, a website that lets users post and fund projects.

The project is for a conversion kit that lets users convert an iPod Nano themselves. It was posted by All Geek Everything founder Kunal Sheth.

The kit is pretty simple. It’s basically a pre-assembled watch, the back detaches, and the user just has to place an iPod Nano inside. When it closes, the kit has built-in buttons that will work with the buttons on the iPod Nano, as well as a panel opening left to charge it. It also keeps an open face to keep functionality of the iPod Nano touch screen.

There are also different kits for different watch styles.

There are other iPad Nano watch conversion kits on the market, but according to the KickStarter post, “aradox is one of only a few premium iPod Nano watch kits designed. You end up with a watch with a stainless steel body, top down industrial design, and external buttons. I like to think of the paradox having the body of a classical timepiece but the heart of a modern geek.”

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