Imagine a picture perfect island with tropical beaches and extravagant resorts. Now imagine that same island infested with flesh eating zombies. This is Dead Island from developers Techland and Deep Silver. Dead Island is a zombie survival horror game that casts players off on a relaxing vacation island that is quickly transformed into an undead nightmare, fit for a George A. Romero film.

Using the newly developed Chrome Engine 5, the developers have truly brought the game to life. The graphics are absolutely beautiful, creating a true island paradise. From what I have seen, the lighting, scenery, and vegetation look absolutely phenomenal. The zombies are extremely detailed from head down to however many toes they still have left. Being a first person game that is focused on melee combat, it will be very interesting to see how the character will interact with the environment. Hopefully the character animations are as in-depth and fluid as the graphics.

Dead Island takes place on the fictional island “Banoi” off the coast of Papua New Guinea. Players start their adventure as guests at the Royal Palms Resort, a luxurious beach front resort that was supposed to be the dream getaway until it was overrun by the most unpleasant undead guests. The island is massive with entire towns, white sandy beaches, and lush tropical jungles for players to explore. There are four playable characters, two of which have yet to be fully revealed:

  1. Xian Mei: Hailing from China, Xian decided to learn about different cultures and those who inhabit it. Unfortunately for her, she chose to settle on Banoi and the only culture she will be experiencing is one of survival. Before the zombie outbreak, Xian worked at the Royal Palms Resort as a receptionist.
  2. Sam B: Though Sam B has lived the life of fame and wealth as a rap star, his career is quickly dwindling as his popularity decreases. Desperate for cash, he decided to accept a gig to perform one of his singles on Banoi. Needless to say, Sam B is in for more than just a rap performance…
  3. Logan
  4. Purna

With gameplay sounding like a mixture between Far Cry 2, Left 4 Dead, and Fallout, Dead island looks like a very promising gaming experience. Combining first person shooter, survival horror, and RPG, the game takes a very unique approach with no genre in particular. The game has a vast array of intriguing features, including the following:

  • Open-World Atmosphere: The game features an open world-type gameplay that gives players  free roam of the entire island, challenging them to survive on a much larger scale.
  • Four Player Co-op: Players can link up via XBOX Live for cooperative play that allows up to four players to battle the undead side by side. This can prove to be very helpful when being pursued by an entire hoard.
  • Weapon Customization: Players have the ability to customize their weapons to how they prefer them to be. Since guns and ammunition is very scarce on the island, players will be wielding mostly melee weapons. Throughout the island players will find various items to combine with their current weapons to enhance the stats.
  • Multi-layer damage system: The developers have rendered multiple layers of muscle, meat and bones throughout the zombie’s bodies. As players throw the zombies a beating, these layers will react to the damage as it would in real life. Hit the zombie with enough force to break through the skin, you will expose the inner tissue. Players can also break bones and dismember the unfortunate zombie on the receiving end.
  • Various Types of Zombies: Players will have to be cautious when confronting a new class of zombie. Each class has it’s strengths and weaknesses, leaving players to find a way to expose the vulnerabilities in order to defeat the zombie. Some zombies have brute strength, allowing them to smash their way through players. A particular class of zombie is filled with an acidic goo that will erupt when players venture too close to the zombie. The multiple classes  of zombie will pressure players to take a more tactical approach before rushing in, hacking and slashing, quickly learning their fate.
  • RPG Character Development: As the game progresses, players can improve their character with an RPG-like character development system. This system gives players the opportunity to tweak their stats to accommodate the gaming style of their preference.

So far, Dead Island looks to be a very promising game with plenty to look forward to. Dead Island is currently set to be released in August of this year of 2011 on the XBOX360, PS3, and PC gaming platforms. Check back here on for future updates.

Take a look at the Trailer below

Here’s a 20 minute video of gameplay from Dead Island!!!

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