Google has announced June 15 availability for its Chrome OS Notebooks, the Chromebooks. The laptops will run on Google’s Chrome OS and will bring some major changes to what notebooks can do. It will unveil with an Acer and a Samsung model.

The notebooks will specialize in cloud-based features. All the apps, documents, and settings are stored on the Web. This means that if a Chromebook is lost or stolen, all the user’s data will be safe (hopefully) on the Web. This also means users can move between notebooks without having to move their files.

According to Google, the Chromebook is a “mobile device designed specifically for people who live on the web.” Since all its files and apps are based on the Web, it will rely on always being connected.

The notebooks come with built-in Wi-Fi and 3G, and will connect to the Web with 100 MB of free connectivity a month, and it seems Verizon Wireless got the deal as the Web provider.

In the spirit of its Chromium-based operating system, the Chromebook boots in 8 seconds and resumes instantly.

Interestingly, the new OS could be the safest on the Web, since being brand-new means cybercriminals haven’t had the chance to toy with it. The Chromebooks come with built-in security features though. According to Google, they “employ the principle of ‘defense in depth’ to provide multiple layers of protection, including sandboxing, data encryption, and verified boot.”

All apps and the operating system keep up-to-date also, as each time the Chromebook boots up it automatically updates itself (everything included.)

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