Anonymous Operations was conquered by a rogue admin, “Ryan,” in what the group’s former staff are calling a “coup d’etat.”

According to a letter from the former admins, Ryan “decided that he didn’t like the leaderless command structure that AnonOps Network Admins use.”
He organized the coup d’etat with “friends” at, used a bot to take the IP and passwords of every Anonymous Operations user, then launched denial of service (DOS) attacks against the networks. When the dust cleared, Ryan had seized control of the group’s two main websites (and places where they plan operations): and
The group’s IRC chat servers were also taken, which was where they formerly planned and discussed operations. The former admins, “shitstorm”, “Nerdo”,”owen”,”blergh”, and “Power2All,” maintain control of
The development is interesting, since if Anonymous does not collapse from the latest move, the group could become more extreme and more effective. The leaderless structure of Anonymous Operations meant that anyone could start an operation, or choose to not participate. The freedom also made their attacks less effective, as the full power of the group was not concentrated on any single attack (and sheer numbers is the power in the attacks they often use).
What may happen is that two hacker groups could form, one based off the old leadership, and one off the new leadership. It is likely, however, that many members will switch sides depending on which group is more effective.
There were already two separate groups within Anonymous. A group of users broke off several months ago and formed their own group. Basically, there were two ideologies, the first being those in it for the LOLZ (for the laughs) and those in it to actually push an ideology (the “moralfags”). Little has been heard from the second group.
The latest move if far different, however, as it actually seized control of the organization. Whether this will work is questionable, however, since the group’s open chat rooms are how they organize and operate. If users are still allowed to communicate on the IRC room, it could just follow the same course as before, and if they are banned from the IRC, it is likely many will simply drop ship.


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