A new computer worm, dubbed “Stars,” was found in Iran, making it the second cyberattack against the county. Although details of what the worm targeted have not been announced, it is fair to assume it was targeting Iran’s nuclear plant, similar to the Stuxnet worm.

The announcement was made Monday by Iran’s Passive Defense Organization director, according to Iranian state-run Mehr news agency. It states the worm was spotted by Iranian experts and it is currently being studied.

There are no final results, “(However), certain characteristics about the Stars worm have been identified, including that it is compatible with the (targeted) system,” Jalali stated.

We’ll have more on this as the story develops. It will be interesting to learn whether this was released before or after Stuxnet was discovered. It could be likely that this was meant to finish the job on Iran’s Bushehr nuclear plant after Stuxnet was exposed in 2010.

This is also significant, as it could draw more attention to the risks of cyberweapons. Stuxnet served as a wake-up call to the world on the potential damage they can wreak. The worm was able to infect systems not connected to the Internet and physically control mechanical parts in order to destroy them.

Stuxnet is believed to have set Iran’s nuclear program back two years and was nearly as damaging as a physical, military strike.

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