The Playstation Network (PSN) could be down for two days while Sony investigates the cause of the outage and attempts to bring the PSN back online, according to a Sony blog post Thursday.

Sony’s networks experienced similar outages when online activist group, Anonymous Operations launched a cyberattack against Sony in response to the company’s lawsuit against famed hacker George “GeoHot” Hotz in an operation they dubbed #opsony.

GeoHot was in Sony’s crosshairs after he posted information on hacking the Playstation 3 and changing its operating system.

The attack Anonymous used (and favors in other operations) was a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks that can overload servers and shut them down. They use a free program called the Low Orbit Ion Cannon (LOIC) that puts the attack form into the hands of non-hackers.

The attacks stopped after Sony let GeoHot off the hook.

Interestingly, the latest network problems Sony is having follow actions the company took against German hacker Alexander Egorenkov.

Anonymous is denying any involvement in the network going offline. This is believable since they’d gladly admit to it had they actually been behind it, given their past operations.

It could, however, be another group of hackers at work. Or it could just be a technical problem — more details will come out as Sony looks into the issue.

In the meantime, Egorenkov stated in his blog:

Sony forced us to remove everything or graf_chokolo will going to jail. We can only get the donation page up for the time being.

Guys, i never wanted to take money from anybody for my work. And i always shared my work and code with PS3 developers and community. Recently i was working on bringing Linux to PS3 back, as you all know, unfortunately SONY managed to stop me. Many of you offered donations to help me continue my work and i always declined as you know. But now i really need your help and support in this fight with SONY. Please help me to pay my legal bills which are immensely because i cannot pay them on my own.

Here is my PayPal account:

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