A partial copy of the Nuremberg Chronicle, a 500-year-old book, was discovered at a fundraising event at the Oregon Sandy Historical Museum on April 28. There were an estimated 2,500 copies of the book printed in 1493, with an unauthorized version also printed in 1493.

The Nuremberg Chronicle, properly known as the Liber Chronicarum, is a history of the world, starting with creation, and leading up to the date of its publication. Filled with illustrations and engravings from some of the leading artists of its time, it details natural disasters, the history of various Western cities, and different cultures and lifestyles.

It also has illustrations of some interesting and odd creatures, from werewolves, to four-eyed humans, to characters that look like they came straight out of Narnia. Check out some of the images from the book at the bottom of this article.

Since it’s in the public domain, you can download the Nuremberg Chronicle for free, here. There are also download links with descriptions here.

Photo Credit: All images from the Nuremberg Chronicle (1493) available in the public domain.

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