There are lots of updates on next generation consoles. The next Playstation and Xbox are set for release in 2014, and Nintendo is planning to stomp the competition in 2012 with the Next Nintendo console, according to Kotaku.

Gameinformer confirmed that the Nintendo console will feature HD, and may even be unveiled at E3 this summer.

While Gameinformer was unable to confirm how powerful the gaming console will be, Kotaku’s sources tell them it will be more powerful than the current Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3 — which should be a given (it’s a next-gen system after all).

It will be interesting how this turns out. Releasing a next-gen system sooner than the rest can be a bad move. The Sega Saturn, for example, was a fantastic system that never saw its full potential (except maybe with Shenmue) because the world wasn’t ready for it. That system also marked the end of Sega’s hand in gaming consoles.

This could in some ways be a last-ditch effort for Nintendo to save the Wii. Gameinformer reported that Wii sales are in decline and Nintendo may drop the price of the Wii on May 15.

It’s also a risky move. If Nintendo jumps the gun on a gaming system, Sony and Microsoft will have time to gear their next-gen systems up to blow it out of the water. Then again, Microsoft did this when it released the first Xbox, and it didn’t make too much of a splash against the Playstation 2.

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