There is an apparent and unfortunate defect in the Amazon Kindle, which many users—myself included—have encountered. Occasionally the device will not start and will not charge, regardless of the battery level.

Amazon was apparently aware of the problem when they released the device. They even included an excerpt towards the top of the user manual on how to fix this, stating, “If your Kindle does not power on or is unresponsive during use, try resetting the device by sliding and holding the power switch for 15 seconds before releasing.”

Here’s what I recommend—and it has worked for me repeatedly.

The reset Amazon suggests often works. Do that first. All you need to do is slide and hold the power button. Hold it for 15 to 30 seconds.

If that doesn’t work though, you’ll need to do a hard reset. Keep in mind, it will void your warranty if you open your Kindle. And while this particular method works for older Kindles, it doesn’t work on the Kindle 3 or later (for Kindle 3 and up users, check the comments). Here’s how to do it:

  1. Peel off the back cover of the Kindle. You can do this by using a wedge (I just used my fingernail) to lift it.
  2. Beneath the battery (the large white thing) and to the left, there’s a small hole. Stick a pin or paperclip in there for a few seconds.
  3. Slide and hold the power switch for 15-30 seconds.

My Kindle started working right after that. The light actually turned on while I was still holding the power switch.

It’s an odd problem. It seems to start working again on its own if you leave it be for a few days, but it’s still rather inconvenient. If anyone finds a better method please share in the comments below.

[Image courtesy of Amazon]

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  1. Bjolin

    Thanks for the help. Actually had to do the reset on mine to get it going again. If you have an earlier version of the Kindle (which I do), the reset button is on the bottom next to charging port.

  2. Ami

    I was unable to switch on my Kindle at first i thought perhaps it was dead, but after days of trying to charge it I tried the following and it worked!!
    I held the release button for 30 seconds, then released it and after approx 20 secs tried the slide button and it switched on

  3. Trying to be helpful

    CAUTION! CAUTION! CAUTION! It is not possible to “peel off” the back cover of the Kindle Keyboard 3G and doing so could void the warranty (obviously). Also there is no HOLE on a Kindle 3!!! People please pay attention to differences in models before giving advice!!!

    • Mark

      Thank you. But with my Kindle Keyboard, the other resetting option doesn’t work. Is there any way to peel off the back with a Kindle Keyboard to try to fix it?

    • Mark

      Thank you. But with my Kindle Keyboard, the other resetting option doesn’t work. Is there any way to peel off the back with a Kindle Keyboard to try to fix it?

  4. Roni

    Thank you for taking your time and sharing this with us. I thought I was going to have to get a new Kindle.

  5. linda stow

    so what do you with the kindle 3? as you said there’s no hole and i could void the warranty.

    • Joshua Philipp

      With the Kindle 3 you could try holding the power switch for 30 seconds. That’s basically the hard reset method they’ve held onto. If that doesn’t work, you’re probably best off contacting Kindle (it’s odd they’re so many models in now and this problem is still there).

  6. Ms.T

    wow, thank goodness, going to bed last night without reading was very difficult. My kindle earlier in the night had stopped, and I had done the reset, this was the first time it ever happened. And that fixed it, but then it did it again and nothing would make it work. Glad you gave another option. The picture in the other comment was not where my reset button/hole was on the inside, but boy is it ever a small hole.


  7. Teresa Jacobs

    Wow, my 3 month old Kindle suddenly stopped working earlier today and went totally blank. As it was a birthday present from my children I was quite upset to think it had a fault, however after reading all the comments and deciding I had the Kindle 3 I just held in the power button for around 30 seconds and it has just opened up ok. Thanks for the helpful hint

  8. Paul Shankles

    My Kindle seems to have gone dead. I held the button down for 30 seconds and it rebooted. It is working fine now, thanks….

  9. D. M. O'Reilly

    This worked for my 1st generation Kindle. I really thought my battery was gone and tried to buy one
    from Amazon. Guess what! They can no longer get batteries from their former supplier.

    I love this Kindle. I, too, read in bed. Try that with the Fire (my latest Kindle) . It weighs a ton compared to
    my old Kindle and the view keeps flipping bet. horizontal and vertical at the angle I have to hold it.
    Completely unacceptable.

    Thanks for the solution! My nighttime reading has been RESTORED.

  10. Michelle

    Thanks so much for the help. I LOVE my kindle and panicked when it wouldn’t charge up. I simply hit the reset button and all is well again. Thank you for your brilliance!

  11. No Name

    Kindle Fire owner.I held the button for 30 seconds and it worked. I thought it would automatically reboot, but I had to turn it back on to see it was working. What the hell though! One would think they would have worked on this widespread issue between the release of different models.

  12. Fernando Salazar

    Excellent advise. thank you. It has started working again. thank you.

  13. Fernando Salazar

    Excellent advise. thank you. It has started working again. thank you.

  14. jeff

    thank you for your help. After 30 seconds I tired to turn it on but nothing happened, that is for about 30 seconds. Then it started up. Appreciate your help. jeff

  15. Stupid Kindle!

    I just reset my Kindle 3. Here’s how. Remove the back, just above the power switch you will see the word “reset” witten on the green board. Just below the word are two raised mounds of solder. use a paper clip or something conductive to connect the mounds of solder briefly. The reset function still works, but for some reason the didn’t install the button the 3. What you are doing by connecting the two solder points is completing the same circut the button would if it were there. I guess they wanted to take the power out of the hands of the consumer so you would send it in for repair?

    • engkantosakanto

      Cool! this method reset my Kindle 3.
      My kindle won’t charge and got a blank frozen screen, the 30 second hold on the reset button won’t fix it so i opened it as instructed above or do a search on youtube on how to open your kindle.
      Took me a lot of trial and error to find that raised mounds of solder. the solder can be found right above the reset switch not right below the ‘reset’ word. see attached photo.

      As mentioned above, you have to connect the solders with any conductor. keep connecting until the green light in the reset button or until the kindle screen flickers and you see the loading page.

      • annieb

        It worked! Yay! Thanks!! and photo was VERY helpful too. I tried a couple of times using a penny, but then got some legit copper wire and tried once more and it finally worked.

      • Nic

        Thank you! worked really well, took a while to gently prise the back off. But loading up and working fine now, I had almost given up hope.

      • steand

        Thank you SOOOOOO much, especially for the photo. Before I found the photo, I’d jabbed at so many bits of solder, I’m surprised it worked when I finally did get the right place!

        Again, thank you!

      • libby loo

        thank you for advice and photo soooooooooooooooo helpful and explained well my kindle working well again

      • dawntcb

        this method with the picture worked for me when nothing else did. thank you!

      • usha

        Thank you very much ! I have given up all hope with my Kindle . I have even changed the battery which I bought online at Aliexpress , but it wouldn’t charge . Even now , the orange light is not glowing , but with your method , the Kindle charging screen with the tree is showing , hope it works !

      • usha

        When I connect the charging cable , the orange light briefly glows and then is off . Is there any hope for this malady ?
        Or have I to just junk my Kindle ?

      • usha

        It worked briefly twice , rebooting completely without stopping,
        but whenever I put back the back cover , would reset itself and reboot erratically stopping midway . So , am back to square one.

      • usha

        Thank you once again ! My Kindle is working , though it may still blackout or stop booting midway any time. But, I am
        no longer intimidated by these antics any more , being armed
        with this strategy of waking up the drowsy Kindle .

      • caleil

        I had to try over and over again before I finally got my Kindle to reboot all the way. I was connecting the reset solder points until the light came on, flickered, and the reboot screen came up. It wouldn’t get past 1/4 or 1/2 way, though, according to the progress bar on that screen. Finally, I tried sliding the button while connecting the solder points (all at the same time), and although I do NOT recommend doing this for more than a second or two, it finally worked! I think this method caused the reset connection to get quite hot, which is why I don’t think you should try it for very long at all – I was afraid I’d damaged my Kindle. But it worked, and several days later it’s still working fine!

      • usha

        Even my Kindle is working for the present after multiple blackouts and resets . I wiped the the reset solder points ,

        and surrounding area as best as I could , and it stopped rebooting by itself . I think , this removed any dust which is shorting the solder points and causing resets. I have a well maintained Kindle , barely used , but I gave it to a local

        computer service person for repair .He kept it for a month and I got back a dusty kindle with added problems . Then I bought the battery , which I should have done in the beginning itself . Also , I think we should use , that is charge and discharge any device with a battery . So, the Kindle needs daily usage and recharge before it totally discharges .I just checked my Kindle , and it is fine !

      • marcivass

        Hi, my kindle keyboard first started to produce the constant reboot symptoms and then it completely died. The only thing that helped was when i took the battery out and put it back in after a few minutes, held the slider for 20 secs, held the home button for 35 secs and put the kindle on an AC charger. Then I was so happy when the main screen came on and I could actually turn pages in a book only to produce the constant reboot symptoms again after like 5 mins. Now it’s dead again, tried to connect the solders, nothing, tried to connect to the laptop, won’t recognize it. The amber light is still on when put on a charger but nothing happens. What can I do? I have no more ideas.

      • caleil

        This is what’s happening with mine now, as well. Did your issue resolve with time? Were you able to get past the midway point?

      • usha

        Unfortunately no . I have closed and opened the back cover so many times . Now , even the reset is not happening , I think I have to give up after investing so much money and time on it ( I even purchased a battery for this ) . It is really a pity that a good product(the idea) has bad design faults like this . I would rather have a reliable relatively bulky product than sleeker unreliable product like this.

      • usha

        But , then I connected it to my laptop , kept the back cover open tried resetting a number of times, again it stopped booting midway , but showed up itself as a device connected to my laptop couple of times , asking me to eject in case if I want to use . I ejected the device and it is alive for the present , synced itself . I shall keep it in the Kindle case with the back cover loose and not fixed . Let me see , how long will the Kindle and my patience will last this way …

      • Josh

        I used one of the flat tips of the charger plug, it went hot and even smoked some, I immediately released the contact and moved directly to an electric fan to cool it down, it reset and now is fine :)

      • ionuke

        you just shorted the thing. I advise no one to do as you did as you were mere lucky not to have fried the thing.

      • name

        i tried this method shown with the picture. at first it would only do a partial reboot. after several attempt using battery power and when hooked to the computer for power, i tried a usb converter with more power. got a complete reboot right away.
        next problem was i putting the cover back on. when i did so the old problem would return. i cut out a sheet of plastic that matched the cover and sandwiched that between front and back and all is now well. this is with a kindle with keyboard.

      • Yechiel

        I couldn’t see the attached picture. Are they the two mounds on the bottom and to the right of the RESET? I can’t seem to get any green light no matter what I try.

  16. Bradlie Benner

    For some reason my kindle wont turn on still. I pluged it in to chrge while I slept and woke up to turn it on and it would not work I’ve trie to reset it no result except my screen froze. Please help!!! I cnt get the back off

  17. Bradlie Benner

    For some reason my kindle wont turn on still. I pluged it in to chrge while I slept and woke up to turn it on and it would not work I’ve trie to reset it no result except my screen froze. Please help!!! I cnt get the back off

  18. Tiffany Spires

    My kindle wouldnt charge and I had tried all the online suggestions. (didnt want to take the back off for fear of damage). I charge mine through usb (that is what i got with the kindle) and I found somewhere to 1 shut down the kindle 2 reconnect the usb cord 3 shut down and restart your computer before my computer even came all the way up my kindle had started to charge. hope this helps someone

  19. AnnieBanannie

    If there is a reset hole near the charger, how do you use it. If that does not work how do you get the back off of the kindle? ARRGH! I am so frustrated!!!

  20. Amanda

    I have a basic kindle and it wouldn’t turn on. I tried chargeing in and the light was on during the charging but at the end of the day it still wouldn’t turn on. I ended up replugging it in then holding down the power button and the buttons on the bottom of the kindle for ten seconds then letting go of the bottom buttons but keeping my finger on the power botton. It rebooted and now works.

    • Jean

      Thank you Amanda. This is the only thing that worked to reboot my Kindle Fire.

  21. me

    Yay! This forum was the only one that gave me the answer I was looking for. Thank you!

  22. Lesley

    When I slide the power button and hold it the green light, it stays on for a few seconds, flashes twice and goes off. The screen is faded in places. Any one know what to do. Have taken the battery out but not sure which is the reset button. I think it is a kindle 3

  23. jacko25

    thank you for your help regarding non charging kindles. I was about to bin mine then followed your advice then ” lo and behold” my kindle now works

  24. Jenn

    Thanks I was going to go buy a new one, but then saw your post & the basic reset worked fine. Thank you very much.

  25. Fulene

    My kindle keyboard has been behaving erratically. Crashes, reboots, won’t turn on, seems to not charge, then it does,doesn’t display screensavers, etcetera. I have always been able to turn it back on by holding the slider for a LONG time. Maybe 30 seconds. Sometimes it will blink green and shut off again. Then when I slide it again it will eventually turn on. I would NOT take the back off and mess around inside it!! In asking for help from Amazon tech team, they had me take it out of the case for a few days to see if it works as it should. I did and ODDLY it seems to be working normally. I will give it more time to see if it continues to work. I don’t get this!! The case is not magnetic. I can’t imagine what effect it would have on the device, ANY IDEAS, ANYONE??? I love my teeny little old ” K keyboard”. I don’t want to go with a bulky new one. I already have an iPad.

  26. Yechiel

    I’m having battery issues with my Kindle Keyboard. When I charge mine, the orange light goes on, and then off. Sometimes it’ll stay on for a while with nothing happening. So I took out the battery, and installed it into a different kindle 3, and that charged the battery. Now I tried putting it back in the original one, and nothing happens. Basically, there’s no communication between the battery connections and the device. Anything I can do? I tried to do the reset by shorting the RESET smolders but nothing… Anyone please?

  27. Yechiel

    My Kindle 3 won’t charge with the critical screen staying all the time, and when I charge it the orange light comes on that goes off. So I tried what was described here, to connect the solder point… Nothing. Next, I took a second kindle I have and switched the batteries, still the same issue. Only now the battery from the bad kindle was able to charge in the other kindle. I hoped that the newly charged battery would now work and reset the kindle, but the kindle is unresponsive. How can I get the kindle to respond to the battery?


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