Mac users tend to turn a blind eye to Web security, given that PCs remain the main targets of cybercriminals. The annual PWN2OWN hacker contests have shown again and again, however, that security on the Mac is problem.

Apple was the first to get pwned in the 2008 contest, was hacked in under 10 seconds in the 2009 contest, and has met with similar failures since. Cybercriminals are also starting to move in on the Mac, with the BlackHole RAT 2.0 trojan found in early April.

Luckily though, given that few Mac users are up for forking over a monthly fee for anti-virus software (myself included), Sophos has a free program available, which was named the Best Anti-Malware solution at SC Awards 2011. Not bad.

I’ve downloaded the software myself, which I’m currently running. Actually, it did uncover a trojan — albeit one that only affects Windows machines — but a trojan nonetheless. It doesn’t seem to slow my laptop down either, so there’s no harm in a bit of extra security.

BlackHole Rat should be enough to spur some users into action. The malware lets cybercriminals gain access to their Mac just by typing in their IP address and hitting the attack button. Check out the demo below:

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