That’s right. Battlefield Play4Free Open Beta can be played for free in all it’s gun-toting glory. It is still not in its final stage of development, but still looks impressive.

EA’s launch trailer shows everything from jet dogfights to commando-style raids. There are also four character classes: Assault, Medic, Engineer, and Recon. (check out the video at the bottom of this post.)

It’s fair to say that this may very well be the best online first-person shooter — available for free — the world has yet to see.

The game has a modern war setting, and gameplay resembles Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, only it includes helicopters, tanks, jets, and other vehicles. There are 16 different vehicles in all.

The maps look massive also. According to EA, Battlefield Play4Free includes some of the most popular maps from Battlefield 2, and gach game holds up to 32 players.

It also includes the popular classes and weapons from Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Players earn points and in-game currency as they progress, which can be used to learn new combat skills and buy new weapons.

Photo credit: Electronic Arts Inc.

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