“Monkey Island 2 – LeChuck’s Revenge” is one of the jewels of gaming with a charm that is a rare find even in today’s vast game market.

It had a good humor about it that didn’t overstep the boundaries of making an interesting storyline. There were some moments that were genuinely funny, and overall the game has a very light feel to it.

The game follows the story of Gubrush Threepwood “Mighty Pirate” just after the events in “The Secret of Monkey Island.” After defeating the Ghost Pirate LeChuck in the first game, Guybrush inadvertently helps LeChuck resurrect and embarks on a quest to find the treasure of Big Whoop to try and escape.

Lucasarts made “Monkey Island 2” in 1991 one year after its release of the first game in the series, “The Secret of Monkey Island.” Both games arguably changed gaming forever – laying the foundation for hit titles including “Sam & Max,” “Full Throttle,” and “Day of the Tentacle.”

Lucky for us, “Monkey Island 2 – LeChuck’s Revenge” is now free. The game entered abandonware status and can be downloaded and played free of charge, legally.

You can download “Monkey Island 2 – LeChuck’s Revenge” here. (UPDATE: It seems Lucasarts has reclaimed their rights to the game, and the free download link was removed.)

To play the game you’ll need to download a free application to let you run DOS games. I recommend using ScummVM. There is also Boxer on the Mac, but ScummVM tends to be the most stable.

Of note, “Monkey Island 2” was recently re-released with updated graphics and voice-overs. I still recommend trying the classic version first though.


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