Bank of America accounts were hacked on Saturday, with current losses exceeding $100,000. It is unknown how many accounts were hacked in all, but personal data of thousands of customers could be at risk.

The incident may only have taken place in Michigan, and Bank of America (BOA) is trying to find out how far it stretches. The only source on the story thus far is, which interviewed a BOA spokesperson and a customer whose account was hacked.

Things haven’t been well for BOA in recent memory. In April 2010 bank workers pleaded guilty of stealing $304,000 by planting malware on more than 100 ATMs.

BOA may also have something big coming its way. Anonymous Operations released troves of BOA emails earlier this month accusing the bank of fraud, which can be found here.

Although the emails released by Anonymous made a surprisingly small splash, it may just be the calm before the storm. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange said in November that he plans to “take down” a major American bank by revealing documents proving corruption. It is suspected BOA will be the target of the release.

So on that note, BOA customers may find much more lost if they keep their cards with the company. Maybe the recent hack was just a warning.

Photo Credit: Photo of Bank of America ATM Machine by Brian Katt, Framingham Rest Stop, Massachusetts.

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